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Assessing Your Business

When you look across your organization, do you have the analytics, data visibility, integrated process flows, and reporting that brings you confidence and helps you make better decisions? We work with companies of all sizes and can provide you that independent “outside set of eyes” to help you assess what’s needed.

Whether you’re moving beyond QuickBooks, a legacy ERP platform you’ve outgrown, we complete a disciplined in-depth assessment of how your data, processes, and people integrate. Meridian takes the time to fully understand how work and information flows throughout your organization. We capture your team’s needs, processes, insights, and successes to recommend the proper set of tools to help you move forward.

When Is the Right Time?

Implementing NetSuite

We believe successful implementation begins by uncovering any processes, analytics, reporting, and data integration barriers, including those “must haves” preventing your team from moving business forward. We help you identify the “solvable” problems during hands-on, guided work sessions where we define outcomes and criteria for success.

We help lead your ERP implementation team through the key milestones and deliverables necessary for a smooth and seamless implementation. We tailor the front and back-office systems to your needs and synchronize all your data and reporting. NetSuite is easily adapted, adopted, and streamlined across your entire organization.

Step-by-Step Guide

Maintaining Your Solution

After implementation, Meridian partners with your team, step-by-step, with the hands-on care and support needed for full adoption. As your business grows, we continue to assess and evolve your NetSuite tools providing long term strategy and consultation so you can confidently focus on what you do best – run your business.

NetSuite is designed to grow your business and grow with your business. As your company scales, we provide the guidance and resources on additional NetSuite extensions — including tools specific to finance, eCommerce, logistics, payroll, or sales tax processing. We have extensive experience matching, implementing, and integrating extendible solutions to optimize NetSuite for you.

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We take the time to fully understand your business and partner with you to identify any process, analytics, reporting, and data integration issues that are preventing your business from moving to the next stage. Most of our clients have come out of QuickBooks, older software, or an existing ERP platform, and we begin with a complete disciplined assessment of how your data, processes, and people integrate.


We make the implementation process work from your point-of-view taking great care  and upfront planning to minimize any disruption.  During transition, we integrate and implement the key elements essential to running your business with hands-on guided work sessions  partnering directly with your team to take the “overwhelming” and “confusing” out of moving to a new NetSuite ERP platform.


We continue to partner with you after implementation to ensure your organization is getting the most out of NetSuite and your team has the best ERP strategy, resources, and tools in place – always in alignment to your needs. NetSuite is designed to grow your business, but also to grow with your business and we help you optimize success by maintaining your ERP solutions and identifying the right products and extensions to help you scale.

ⓜPower Managed Services

Meridian can help you proactively manage your NetSuite ERP system. We’ll take a short and long term view of your system needs and craft a program to address the overall “health” of your NetSuite landscape, provide day-to-day operational support, and help, as needed, to optimize the value of your investment through expansion, integration, or enhancement of your system. Managed Services by Meridian can include dedicated help to deliver additional training or onboarding for new employees, system adjustments, changes to dashboards/reports or new workflows. Our ongoing customer support maximizes the utility of the twice-yearly new NetSuite releases. NetSuite is designed to grow with your business. Meridian Managed Services are designed to optimize your NetSuite performance along the way.

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