NetSuite ERP:
Supply Chain Management

Meridian Helps You Optimize
Delivery Plans and Reduce Costs

Considering a Supply Chain Management Solution?

Supply Chain & Inventory Management capabilities within an ERP system makes it easier to create, update, and manage all of your purchasing, transfers, and work orders. This balances demand and supply throughout your supply chain.

A Pathway to Success:
Leading Practices for Wholesale Distribution


NetSuite Inventory Planning

This demonstration showcases NetSuite’s inventory planning capabilities. Starting on the purchasing and inventory sub-tab, we dive into the item record where users can see the inventory planning setup. This includes establishing time-phased replenishment as well as expected lead time and safety stock levels by location. We’ll walk through lot-sizing methods, which provide users more control over purchasing for specific lot sizes or intervals. We then explain NetSuite’s four project methods to calculate demand plan by locations: linear regression, moving average, seasonal average or sales forecast. Lastly, we’ll use the supply plan for inventory ordering and submitting orders.

Why We Recommend NetSuite’s Supply Chain Management Solution

NetSuite’s Supply Chain Management solution provides real-time visibility, improved fulfillment rates, and reduced inventory  costs – all designed to easily balance demand and supply throughout your supply chain. NetSuite’s Supply Chain Management solution helps you manage a modern supply chain across geographies with a single application.



Meridian Helps You Get the Most from NetSuite’s Supply Chain Management Solution

NetSuite’s manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management capabilities enable you to focus on your decision making process and manage with ease including:

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Collaboration
  • Support


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