Helping Your Team Run More Efficiently

Improve Quality While Reducing Cost of Quality

Run your procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain operations more efficiently. Get real-time visibility into every step of your process, end-to-end, to help you make better-informed decisions. From work order processing and product costing to manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution, NetSuite’s solution is designed to help you deliver better quality more quickly and cost-efficiently.

Your Tool Kit

  • NetSuite Manufacturing
  • NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing
  • NetSuite Advanced Order Management
  • NetSuite Supply Chain Management
  • NetSuite Warehouse Management System

NetSuite Helps You Increase Agility, Visibility, and Productivity

NetSuite Manufacturing provides your organization with the capabilities to turn components into finished goods. SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing provides work order management and WIP and routing capabilities. Advanced functionality including BOM revision change control, ghost BOMs, multi-level assemblies, linked WO-PO and standard costing functionality provides a comprehensive manufacturing solution. The WIP and Routing module included with SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing enhances the manufacturing functionality allowing an organization to track work-in-process as well as material consumption at work centers and allocating time to the manufacturing steps. A drag-and-drop Gantt Chart scheduling application available with SuiteSuccess for Manufacturers provides enhanced visibility and planning.

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing enhances the core manufacturing capabilities with real-time visibility, finite capacity planning, and work center calendars, and a MES tablet-based interface. This ensures your product is produced and delivered the way you intended with an end-to-end manufacturing software solution that’s simple, effective and efficient for both discrete and batch-driven manufacturers.

NetSuite Advanced Order Management Management helps you streamline your order processing by eliminating bottlenecks, preventing errors, and establishing a smooth flow from sales quote to order fulfillment. Advanced Order Management allows orders to be automatically routed to the optimal location for fulfillment — improving quote and fulfillment accuracy while eliminating billing errors.

NetSuite Supply Chain Management helps you create purchase orders, transfer orders, and work orders simply and effectively. Real-time visibility means you always know your supply chain status and can quickly identify and act on cost variances as they occur. NetSuite helps you provide increased service levels with order management rules that optimize delivery plans and reduce lead times.

NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes your day-to-day inventory and warehouse management transactions with mobile barcode capabilities. Intelligent pick and pack processes, scanning, counting, and shipping systems all integrate to add accuracy and efficiency. Increased visibility means real-time traceability of inventory movements and transactions as inventory records are always current.

NetSuite Helps Make Sales and Order Processing Easier

NetSuite Suite Success provides hundreds of pre-built reports and value-driven dashboards that help you personalize and optimize process integration between project management, resource management, billing, sales, finance, HR, and distribution.

NetSuite Provides Real-Time Intelligence

A single integrated cloud solution makes it easier for everyone on your team to capture, process, manufacturer, and deliver better quality with less cost. Replace multiple disconnected systems with a comprehensive end-to-end system that improves your visibility, quality, flexibility, responsiveness, cost, and decision making.