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Production Management

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Considering a Production Management Solution?

Production Management capabilities within an ERP system offers the ability to manufacture with automatic batch creation, full traceability of lots/serial numbers, production control and scheduling. It can be configured depending on how much visibility you desire into your production process.

NetSuite for the Operations Manager

Globalization, technology advancements, and redefined marketplace priorities are among the many challenges encountered by today’s manufacturers. Watch how NetSuite empowers you, the Operations Manager, in achieving operational excellence, enabling global manufacturing intelligence, and assuring production quality.

Why We Recommend NetSuite’s Production Management Solution

NetSuite’s Production Management increases your on-time delivery, reduces your costs and effectively manages global manufacturing operations by getting your products to market quickly and cost-effectively anywhere in the world with an end-to-end manufacturing software solution. 

These capabilities help you run your manufacturing operations more efficiently. From sales order to work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costing, NetSuite provides visibility into your manufacturing processes.

NetSuite Assembly and Bill of Materials Records

This demonstration focuses on NetSuite’s capabilities around assembly and bill of material records. We’ll start with reviewing some of the key components of the production dashboard, such as real-time visibility into production metrics, inventory balances as well as scheduled and open work orders. We’ll also walk through the product overview reports that provide visibility into production on the warehouse floor, including completion percentages for each job. We’ll demonstrate how to form a bill of materials, account for standard yield loss and include other assembly items to create a multilevel bill of materials. Lastly, we’ll show how to use an assembly build transaction to incorporate labor and overhead cost on the assembly item record.

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing:
A Single, Unified Solution for Modern Manufacturers


Meridian Helps You Get the Most from NetSuite’s Production Management Solution

NetSuite’s Production solution provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make better-informed decisions including:

  • Product data management
  • Kitting and multi-level BOMs/Assemblies
  • Work order management
  • Capacity planning and work scheduling
  • Quality assurance
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


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