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Key Indicators

When you look across your organization, do you have the analytics, data visibility, integrated process flows, and reporting that gives you confidence and helps you make better decisions?

Have you and your leadership team discussed the need to become more competitive through better employee and customer experiences, increased productivity and efficiency, improved customer insights and faster decision-making ability?

We help you identify solutions that can be addressed through a cloud-based ERP system helping you prepare the foundation for your next stage of growth.


When to Start

Creating the foundation to take your business to the next level comes from having the systems and processes in place that make your team more agile, responsive, focused, competitive, and confident.

If you’ve outgrown QuickBooks or another ERP system, we complete a disciplined in-depth assessment of how your data, processes, and people integrate to fully understand how work and information flows throughout your organization.

Slowed by QuickBooks: Multi-Entry Financial Consolidation

We can provide an independent point of view to help you assess what’s needed, what it’s going to take, and when to begin. Most of our clients come from intensely competitive industries where competitors already use technology to gain advantages in knowledge and efficiency.

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Considering NetSuite?  Learn more about how NetSuite and Meridian can help you make the switch.

Team Alignment & Preparation

We help lead your ERP implementation team through the key milestones and deliverables necessary for a smooth and seamless implementation. We design the front and back-office systems customized to your needs and synchronize your data and reporting so NetSuite is easily adapted, adopted, and streamlined across your entire organization.

We begin with a clear assessment of the challenges and opportunities facing your organization with hands-on guided work sessions where we define the outcomes and success criteria for your organization.

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