Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Meridian Helps You Grow Customer Relationships

What is an ERP CRM Solution?

ERP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions help you capture current and potential customer information across the entire customer lifecycle, from lead to sale. A 360-view of customer data helps you better understand who your customers are, more effectively provide the products and services they want, and provide better service.

Why We Recommend NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM provides you with a seamless flow of information about prospects, customers, segments, and behavior. You can easily see opportunities from key customer metrics on customer satisfaction, visit frequency, recency, and value. Real-time dashboards provide reporting, analytics, and KPI scorecards to enable continuous measurement of customer activity or prospect progress.

Meridian Helps You
Get the Most from Your CRM

Meridian can help you implement a comprehensive CRM solution that combines a complete view of customers in real time with quick responses and automated processes including:

  • Lead capture
  • Order management
  • Status tracking
  • Pipeline management and sales forecasting
  • Real-time dashboards to monitor key performance metrics
  • Ability to track campaigns rapidly
  • Email marketing delivered in a single system

Technical Expertise

Schenck Process

“Meridian jumped right into a custom and complex application development project that we needed done quickly. The results were not only on target, but exceeded our expectations and Meridian has supported the application with modifications and fixes upon our request. We’re extremely satisfied with the results and have recommended their services on a number of occasions.”


Executive Director
Kansas City, MO

Meridian Helps You Get the Right CRM Solution

Meridian helps you implement and integrate the right CRM solution for your organization that includes better forecasting, selling and commission management tools, streamlined information throughout the lifecycle of the customer, simplified lead-to-cash processes, and a 360-degree overview of your customer portfolio.

NetSuite CRM vs. Salesforce CRM

NetSuite is an all-in-one solution that is a part of your ERP system vs. Salesforce which is 100% CRM. One of the key advantages of NetSuite is the integration of tools right out of the box (CRM, ERP, Marketing automation, eCommerce). NetSuite really shines with its customization and integration capabilities. Sales performance can also be optimized through NetSuite’s advanced forecasting capabilities and customizable commission rules. If you can dream it, NetSuite will allow you to implement it.

Salesforce holds the title of most popular CRM for a reason. It has an intuitive UI, a deep feature set, and excellent reporting and analytics. Salesforce does not come standard with anything except CRM and will need to be integrated with a separate ERP platform (and only if they are integrated with Salesforce properly), done incorrectly – it can result in costly connector software and a lengthy error-prone migration process.

NetSuite CRM: The Powerful CRM the Drives the Complete Customer Lifecycle


CRM Tool Kit

  • Customer Service Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation

Explore the Features of NetSuite’s CRM

Customer Service Management is an integrated solution providing your organization with a 360-degree view giving everyone that interfaces with the customer—sales, support, service, and fulfillment—access to complete, key customer data in real time. This helps to improve customer satisfaction, attract new customers and lower service costs.

Features include Case Management, Knowledge Management, Customer Portal, Time Tracking, and Remote Mobile Tracking.

NetSuite’s Customer Service Management provides increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs through effective self-service, increased efficiency and productivity, and incremental revenue.

Marketing Automation automates your entire marketing process, allowing you to better align campaigns and programs with your sales teams. This enables your organization to generate highly qualified leads that are ready for sales engagement. It provides a framework for you to target, build, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns—taking the complexity out of lead qualification and conversion.

Features include Lead Reporting and Analytics, Website Search Engine Optimization, Campaign and Email Management, and Landing Pages/Forms.

NetSuite’s marketing automation solution lets you track and measure a prospect’s activity, identify when a lead meets known buyer-readiness conditions, and pass that lead to sales as soon as it meets your pre-defined criteria. This results in shorter sales cycles, improved sales collaboration, effective multi-channel campaign management, and real-time visibility on ROI and analytics.

Supply Chain Management NetSuite Partner Relationship Management (PRM) enables real-time information flow that enhances visibility, boosts collaboration between you and your partners and creates a conduit between partners and your organization. This gives you full control over every element of the partner-focused sales and marketing process, including joint marketing campaigns, lead management, sales forecasting, pipeline management, order processing, and partner commissions and royalties.

Features include Lead Management, Joint Demand Generation, Joint Selling, and Knowledge Management and Sharing.

NetSuite’s integrated CRM-PRM solution lets you successfully execute a channel strategy while realizing many benefits in terms of expanding revenue, reach and solution augmentation. This aligns sales and partner organizations, gains real-time visibility over day-to-day marketing and sales activities, develops and executes integrated marketing campaigns, and disseminates sales and marketing information across your partner network.

Sales Force Automation powers your sales organization with integrated sales processes from opportunity, upsell and quote management to sales forecasting, order management, fulfillment, and sales commission. Unlike other solutions, NetSuite’s SFA software gives your sales team unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship, including support cases and back-office information such as payment history contracts and inventory. With real-time dashboards, sales reps and managers gain better insight to sell, upsell, drive renewals, and properly set customer expectations.

Features include Opportunity Management, Sales Forecasting, Quote and Order management, and Incentive Compensation Management.

NetSuite Sales Force Automation improves customer relationships, creates efficient account management, provides real-time visibility into pipeline and forecasts, and boosts sales productivity through effective collaboration and team selling.


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