NetSuite Extensions:
Financial Services

Meridian Can Help You Find Resources to Improve Your Financial Performance

What Other Financial Consulting Services and Software Can Meridian provide?

Firms can leverage NetSuite to meet increasing regulatory compliance demands, ensure high levels of operational controls, and manage operations with ease and efficiency. Meridian can also provide your firm with specific financial consulting services and specialized software to help you grow your business.

Meridian Can Help You Grow Your Business through Financial Services

Meridian works closely you to align proven, best-in-class experts that can help you outside of NetSuite and technology services, including:

  • Sales Tax Automation
  • Commercial Tax Consulting
  • NetSuite/ADP Integration
  • Payment Solutions/Processing
  • Software and Services Technology Leasing
  • Pricing Optimization

Tax Automation Extensions for NetSuite Safeguards Your Business

As governments go digital, Sales Tax Automation helps safeguard your business from increased tax risks. Sales Tax Automation integrates with NetSuite to help your company with a cloud based solution for tax determination, e-invoicing compliance, and tax reporting. Specialized solutions include:

  • Use Tax Management
  • Sales & Use Tax Filing
  • Exemption Certificate Management
  • Sales & Use Tax Determination

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Commercial Tax Consulting Services

State and local taxes vary by location and your tax planning and compliance needs can be identified and properly guided, through your NetSuite financial services platform. This includes:

  • Property tax Compliance & Appeals
  • Nexus Studies and Resolutions
  • Sales and Use Tax Refund Study
  • State & Local Incentives/Audit Assistance

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Payroll and Payment Processing

NetSuite makes your financial planning and budgeting easier, more efficient, more visible, and more accurate. Payroll and payment processing takes your NetSuite efficiency further with:

  • NetSuite/ADP Integration
  • ACH Paymnet Solutions
  • Payment Processing
  • Payment Solutions & Services

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Financial Services

Pricing and lending provide additional opportunities to help you fully leverage your NetSuite financial platform with extensions devoted to:

  • Pricing Optimization Analysis
  • Pricing Optimization Strategies
  • Pricing Integration with NetSuite
  • Leasing Financing for Your Business
  • Offer Lease Financing to Your Customers

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