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What is a Native eCommerce Solution?

Traditionally organizations had two choices for eCommerce: bolt on a third-party solution, requiring complex integration, or use a highly limited portal /eCommerce solution provided by the ERP provider — Both options have drawbacks. NetSuite’s introduction of SuiteCommerce ensures a company no longer has to choose between a feature rich eCommerce solution and the drawbacks of integration. SuiteCommerce provides a comprehensive eCommerce solution for both B2B eCommerce and B2C eCommerce, that is natively a part of the ERP and serves as your eCommerce platform.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce:

B2B eCommerce

In this demonstration, we show how NetSuites SuiteCommerce provides real time visibility to invoices, terms and integrated self-servicing capabilities.”

B2C eCommerce

In this demonstration, we show how NetSuite SuiteCommerce delivers built-in faceted navigation, intuitive site management tools, customer specific pricing and inventory stock availability.”

Why We Recommend NetSuite eCommerce

With NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce your business operates seamlessly across all channels while providing product information management and the ease of standing up a comprehensive eCommerce solution without forgoing the rich features desired by modern B2B and B2C buyers.

ERP and eCommerce have numerous touch-points especially with complex B2B selling scenarios, including: customer specific pricing, complex promotions, quantity based pricing, returns, customer specific catalogues, unique shipping/delivery/pickup rules, detailed product information, etc.

When eCommerce is a bolt-on to the ERP many of these business rules and details have to be setup in two systems (the ERP and the eCommerce system) or a complex integration has to be setup and tested to ensure both systems are synchronized.

SuiteCommerce allows eCommerce to be a true eCommerce platform and extension of your NetSuite ERP.  No matter which channel a customer is interacting with your organization (i.e. in-person, over the phone, or online) the same business rules apply and the same information is surfaced.  

A single system for ERP, eCommerce and CRM provides you one system to manage your customers, items and orders — We call this the Customer 360, Item 360 and Order 360.  A 360 view of your company across all operational areas.

Meridian Helps Your Customers Get the Most from Your Online eCommerce Experience

Design the online engaging experience you want your customers to have:

  • Create unique, personalized, and compelling mobile and online store experiences that differentiate your brand.
  • Empower customers with information and tools to help increase order completion.
  • Device-optimized online shopping that displays across smartphone, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Provide full customer account management with order status/history (no matter the channel), returns, case management, terms management and accept payments via Credit Card and ACH.
  • Capture all interactions and transactions in a single system using data to identify opportunities to maximize customer lifetime value. 
  • Sell through multiple brands, languages, and currencies atop the same ecommerce solution.
  • Support for complex business requirements for B2B buyers, including: customer specific pricing, complex shipping and promotional rules, unique customer-based workflows, account management with purchases on terms, customer specific items, login for pricing and more.
  • One platform supports both B2B and B2C buyers

Which eCommerce Solution Is Right for You?


Meridian Helps You Get the Right eCommerce Solution

Meridian helps you unify ecommerce with your back office systems and provides everything your company needs to provide relevant and engaging online customer experiences. Whether you need a B3C eCommerce platform or a B2B eCommerce platform, NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps your organization drive more traffic to your site, convert more visitors to buyers, increase visit frequency and check-out amounts through better customer experiences.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce vs. Magento

NetSuite is an all-in-one solution that is a part of your ERP system vs. Salesforce which is 100% CRM. One of the key advantages of NetSuite is the integration of tools right out of the box (CRM, ERP, Marketing automation, eCommerce). NetSuite really shines with its customization and integration capabilities. Sales performance can also be optimized through NetSuite’s advanced forecasting capabilities and customizable commission rules. If you can dream it, NetSuite will allow you to implement it.

Salesforce holds the title of most popular CRM for a reason. It has an intuitive UI, a deep feature set, and excellent reporting and analytics. Salesforce does not come standard with anything buth CRM and will need to be integrated with a separate ERP platform (and only if they are integrated with Salesforce properly), done incorrectly – it can result in costly connector software and a lengthy error-prone migration process.

SuiteCommerce vs. Magento:
Making the Right Choice for Your Organization


Tailored to Your Business

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“We have been working with Meridian Business Services for about two years now. They have gone to great lengths to help us move smoothly into a new ERP system through their NetSuite implementation services. We have a business where each building is very custom built, which makes it difficult to fit into any ERP system. Being that we are very custom, we hit some bumps during our NetSuite implementation. Meridian went above and beyond to help make the system work to fit our custom business. We now have a large amount of financial information on a daily basis to help run our business like we have never had before.”

Jeff Pinter

Chief Financial Officer
Greater Kansas City


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