Helping Your Team Make Better Decisions

Helping Your Company Focus Priorities

NetSuite helps your team focus on revenue growth, cost reduction, customer and employee experience, improved profitability, more effective processes, and improved decision making.

Your Tool Kit

  • NetSuite ERP
  • NetSuite Analytics
  • NetSuite CRM
  • NetSuite SuitePeople

NetSuite Helps You Run Your Business

NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a complete cloud ERP solution targeted at high-growing, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. It automates front- and back-office processes including: financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, and inventory management.

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) delivers powerful capabilities all in a single cloud solution, including sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service and support. NetSuite CRM also includes powerful sales performance management, order management and partner management seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce investments.

NetSuite Analytics offers users incredible flexibility to create Saved Searches and Reports that enables them to easily answer questions on what is happening in their business. Data can be further analyzed using the Workbook pivot and chart capabilities, with intuitive drag and drop interactions. Workbooks can be saved, shared, reused with content easily deployed in NetSuite dashboard as portlets.

NetSuite SuitePeople streamlines and manages employee information providing your organization with a single source platform to view compensation and benefit data. Real-time analytics provide an overview of headcount trends segmented by departments, locations, employee class and subsidiaries.

NetSuite Frees Up Your Team’s
Time and Resources

NetSuite integrates and streamlines all the processes that are essential to running your business including finance, accounting and budgeting, inventory and order management, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, customer relationship management, sales and ecommerce.

NetSuite Helps You
Move Your Business Forward

NetSuite’s cloud based platform provides your organization the data visibility and agility to create priorities, focus on moving your business forward, with real-time access to the business insights that make decision making easier.