NetSuite Extensions:
Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) & Operations

Meridian’s Partners Can Help You Gain Efficiency

What Is a NetSuite Extension for Warehouse Management & Operations?

Companies leverage NetSuite for supply chain, production, operations, workflow, and data visibility. Meridian’s strategic partners provide your firm with specialized warehouse management solutions, inventory management services, and logistics solutions that deliver high-impact improvements in day-to-day operations efficiency, allowing you team to more efficiently run your shop and minimize costs throughout your supply chain.

Meridian Helps You Get the Most from Your NetSuite Extensions

Meridian works closely you to utilize proven, best-in-class NetSuite experts that extend theNetSuite solution with high-impact warehouse management, operations, and logistics solutions and expertise including:

  • IT VAR Operations
  • Process-flow Automation
  • Case management
  • Product Configurator Solutions
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Workforce Management & Timekeeping
  • Transportation Management Solutions
  • Warehouse Infrastructure & Equipment
  • Warehouse Operations Support and Services
  • Distribution Software

Warehouse Management & Logistics Solutions

Your NetSuite platform will organize and capture product data, inventory, and movement. Our strategic partners leverage both their experience and technology to help you optimize NetSuite across your forecasting, inventory management, supply and logistics planning functions including:

  • Mobile First Supply Chain Apps
  • Inventory Management Support and Services
  • Advanced Warehouse Management Optimization
  • Mobile-first IOT & M2M solutions
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Freight Rate Shopping andShipping Visibility
  • Real-time Logistics Visibility and Reporting
  • Vendor Compliance Management and Reporting
  • Allowance Manager
  • Supply Chain Strategy Consulting
  • Transportation Management Strategy and Services
  • LTL and Parcel Management
  • Shop Floor Infrastructure Site Surveys
  • Shop Floor Staging & Configuration

Signs It's Time to Automate the Warehouse

Benefits of Cloud Based Warehouse Management


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Warehouse Infrastructure & Equipment Products/Services

Your Supply Chain: Mobile. Accurate.

Mobile Inventory Management for NetSuite

Industrial companies working with Meridian Business are turning to cloud solutions like NetSuite to scale faster and keep their customers happy. This growth can be hindered, however, if you don’t have tight control of your inventory. Regardless your ERP solution, it’s nearly impossible to have 100% inventory accuracy if you are using manual or paper-based processes.

Meridian Business recommends using mobile inventory management to extend NetSuite across your supply chain.  If you want to see increased inventory accuracy to 99%+, a mobile solution can automate process like managing fulfillments. Real-time transactions update NetSuite for an accurate picture of your operations.

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NetSuite Demand Planning

Overview of NetSuite’s Inventory, Warehouse Management Solutions, and Sales Forecasting Capabilities


Logistics Solutions

Your NetSuite platform provides 360-degree real time, anywhere visibility on your data. Our strategic partners leverage NetSuite’s technology to help you optimize organizing your data into actionable knowledge including:

  • Automated Data Exchange
  • Custom Sales and Incentive Models
  • Consolidated Invoicing out of NetSuite
  • Quote and Proposal Automation
  • NetSuite Integrated Remote Monitoring and Management
  • NetSuite Integrated Remote Control and Remote Access
  • IT Documentation
  • Distribution Software
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Scheduling and Leave Management

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