NetSuite Extensions

Meridian Helps You Complement NetSuite

Meridian works with you, department-by-department, to ensure you have the right solution in place. This may include a plug-in tool specific to finance, eCommerce, logistics, payroll, or sales tax processing. We have extensive experience matching, implementing, and integrating extendible solutions to optimize NetSuite for you.

Your Tool Kit

  • Financial Services
  • WMS & Logistics
  • eCommerce
  • Integrations & System Management
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • Business Consulting Services

Meridian Makes it Easier to Optimize NetSuite to Your Business

Financial Services extensions to NetSuite include sales tax automation, pricing optimization,  payroll and payment processing, and commercial tax consulting. Meridian helps you leverage NetSuite’s financial capabilities and find additional resources to help you improve your financial performance.

WMS & Logistics extensions to NetSuite include process flow automation, inventory and workforce management, case management, transportation and warehouse management, IT VAR operations, and distribution software solutions. Meridian helps you leverage NetSuite’s WMS and operations capabilities to help you gain efficiency.

eCommerce extensions to NetSuite include marketing automation, ecommerce and website design and implementation, website, brand development, marketing and messaging strategy, and business strategy consulting. Meridian helps you leverage NetSuite’s CRM and eCommerce capabilities to help you find new customers.

Integrations & System Management extensions to NetSuite include application development and integration, workflow and script management, document management/repository/processing solutions, system management, and IOT innovation. Meridian helps you leverage NetSuite’s systems management capabilities to help you improve your impact.

Demand Planning and Forecasting extensions to NetSuite include inventory and capacity planning, supply chain management, material requirements planning (MRP) and distribution resource planning (DRP), and optimizing stock levels and replenishment. Meridian helps you leverage NetSuite’s forecasting and planning capabilities to help you optimize your supply chain.

Additional Business Consulting Services enable you to add best-in-class experts to your NetSuite technology including accounting, digital asset management, tax advisory and compliance, unclaimed property, business strategy, and fractional CFO/Controller services. Meridian helps you leverage NetSuite’s capabilities and find additional resources to help you grow your business.

Meridian Cares About Your Business

American Royal

“Meridian has been very responsive and they treat our business like it’s their own.”

Tim Carroll

CFO American Royal
Kansas City, MO


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