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Manage Your People Data More Effectively

Existing employees and new hires generate data that require the systems and processes in place to automate security, accessibility, visibility, and reporting. From employee onboarding to vacation requests, payroll changes, and benefits administration, NetSuite makes it easy for HR, Accounting, and each Department Manager to integrate and update employee information

Your Tool Kit

  • NetSuite SuitePeople HR
  • NetSuite SuitePeople US Payroll

NetSuite Helps Make HR Easier

NetSuite SuitePeople HR is designed to improve your HR data management, flow, processes, and employee experience. SuitePeople HR ensures people information is available throughout your company. Role-based security provides executives and managers with the appropriate visibility and access. Seamless reporting allows for quick, real-time information on payroll, benefits, training, time-off and the HR details you need to make immediate people decisions.

NetSuite SuitePeople US Payroll is designed to make your payroll fast, accurate, easier, and more flexible. It streamlines your payroll process by eliminating manual importing or exporting and reconciliation of payroll data if using third party payroll providers. This is a comprehensive payroll solution that includes time entry, attendance and commission data. Features include payroll automation, filtering and searching in real time, and deep editing and suspension capabilities. Your payroll batches, no matter the size or complexity, are processed quickly and efficiently.

Netsuite Helps HR Be More Effective

Better employee experiences with HR, payroll, benefits, and time off mean your management team can focus on running the business and not get distracted by the day-to-day HR issues. NetSuite aligns HR and Accounting processes so your people have a better payroll and employee benefit experience.

Employees have visibility to their private information while your front line managers are more efficient (and happier) when they aren’t addressing payroll and benefit questions.

NetSuite Helps HR Be More Efficient

NetSuite helps HR make your company more efficient with improved payroll and benefits visibility and responsiveness. Simplified data entry and lower IT costs allow you to shift more HR data processing onto technology.

Streamlined employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions compensation changes – all with more employee interaction means better compliance and a better employee experience.